Class Pays

Without a doubt the most popular brand in trucking is Peterbilt. The famous long square hood of a Peterbilt 389 will forever be instilled in the roots of trucking history. Since 1939 the Peterbilt brand has been forging a mark on the trucking industry, known for innovation while keeping classic styling like no other brand in America today.

Peterbilt owners are proud, hard working individuals that demand more from their rigs. Sitting behind the wheel of a Peterbilt 389, or the more aerodynamic Peterbilt 579, undoubtedly gives you a sense of pride like no other truck on the road.  Aside from the feelings evoked behind the wheel, Peterbilt offers an extensive network of top notch dealerships across the United States ready to help you incase you were to have an issue with the Cab or Chassis. Pair this with the warranty infrastructure Fitzgerald has built with over 1,300 independent shop and dealerships across the country and you have a winning combination of service and performance.


See a list of Peterbilt models we stock and build below.

Peterbilt 579

With the Peterbilt 579 you get a truck that combines aerodynamics and style in a beautiful configuration you would expect from a Peterbilt. The 579 glider kit offers even the most cost-conscious buyers peace of mind. The Peterbilt 579 glider kit is available in a number of different configurations giving you unlimited versatility when choosing your next 579 glider.


  • Premium-Grade Aluminum & Advanced Composite Materials, Reduce Weight
  • Lightweight Aluminum Cab
  • Excellent Aerodynamic Performance
  • Charcoal Dash w/ Coachman Grain Trim
  • Spacious Sleeper Configurations

Available in Raised Roof and Flat Top configurations.

Peterbilt 389

The Peterbilt 389 Glider Kit is a true homage to the good old days of trucking. Powerful, reliable and versatile are only a few of the words used to describe the 389. The classic look of this truck is unmistakable and the performance with pre-emission technology under the hood is unmatched. Features include:

  • Classic Design Including Iconic Stainless Steel Grille
  • Lightweight & Durable Aluminum Hood
  • Dynaflex Product’s Monster Stacks
  • Hogebuilt Stainless Quarter Fenders

Available in daycab, flat top and raised roof configurations.